Update on Organ Repairs

It has been a few weeks since we have heard our beautiful organ being played by Mr. Matt Marcus. The latest attempt to fix it involves removing and sending a piece of it away to the manufacturer for testing and repair. As you can imagine, this is costly.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the organ repair, we were made aware of bats in our belfry. After careful review of the problem, we have had to invest our finances in repairing the screening in the tower and cleaning up the belfry rather than fixing the organ. Our concern for our parishioners is paramount and we will be having that repaired in the very near future.

How You Can Help

If anyone would like to make a donation towards the organ repairs; please make your check out to OLBS and make a notation that it is for the organ repairs. You may also donate cash, noting organ repair on the front of your envelope or by making a Cash Me donation and adding a note that it is for organ repairs. If we can collect enough funds to cover the cost, the organ company will be able to start the repair right away. The cost of the organ repair is approximately $5,000. Thank you for your understanding.