From the Pastor’s Desk

The leprosy left him and he was clean.

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The leper came to Jesus because he had a problem, and he begged him to make him clean if he can. Jesus had pity on him, he touched him, and he was well. This shows God’s love to all humanity who have different issues affecting their life, and he is always ready to help them. He does not chase them away, he does not avoid them, and he does not have fear about what they suffer from, because his love is great and beyond comparison.
We ask ourselves, how do I treat those who are sick? Do I avoid them or fear being near them or to welcome them as well? Do I complain that they should be isolated and stop from mixing with us? It is a big challenge to all of us. Let them come or bring them for healing and pray for them, he will give them healing, hope and consolation.
Let us be participators in this great mission of Christ serving our Brothers and Sisters with love.
Father Bernard Wamayose, A.J.